Servant girl the basics of pleasure and pain

sex slave training porn

This time the one doing the sex slave ‘training’ is a skilful, merciless master, who is ready to teach his servant girl the basics of pleasure and pain. Warning: the video footage you can get here is really hardcore, only click if you are sure you want to view it! It includes one extremely hot girl with beautiful, firm breasts bound with chains to two metal posts, standing with her hands and legs spread. Her master whips her mercilessly, until her back is all red and she moans in pain through the mouth gag. Then he pinches her nipples hard and suspends heavy weights from them, the slave is trying not to cry out in pain, because she’d get punished only harder! And for the ultimate training, the master uses some electric torture on her beautiful breasts and even her wet, excited pussy, as the sex slave moans and quivers from the pain and pleasure.

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